MURIEL TAYLOR, 1910-1971

by Yehudi Menuhin


Certainly few people in our civilisation have achieved a more perfect transtion between our life and whaterver may follow than Muriel Taylor.  She seems to have floated away on waves of musical vibrations, enveloped in some gentle cloud by the love and harmony she herself generated.  For long aware of her fate, she made the very best use of her time.  Not a moment was wasted on self-pity, recrimination, intolerance of others, nor did she question or rail at her destiny.  Good-humoured, positive, she palpably improved those around her, comforting them and making them better.  


Of course, we must always remember the supreme condition which made this possible, given Muriel's already wonderful nature.  The devotion, buoyancy, good sense, stalwart strength of Nannie Jamieson, her companion of many years, set the stage for this extraordinary human episode.  But, I feel, the supreme and fundamental condition which made this heart-warming phenomena possible is the quality of music itself - or at least of the kind of music she and we made together.


Let us forerever be grateful for our calling - let us share its benign effects with our fellowmen. Can there be a greater tribute to music than Muriel Taylor's life itself?

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